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Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy
GHS will accept parent notes to cover 3 days as excused with little scrutiny per semester. Pre-approved trips are included in the 5 total days per semester. Absences beyond 3 days will require a doctor's note before the absence can be considered for an excused absence. Please note that consecutive absences of 3 days or more will still require a doctor's note before the absences can be considered for an excused absence. Students placed on doctor notes the previous school year will remain on doctor notes the current year to improve attendance and academic learning.
Unexcused absences shall include but are not limited to:
(1) car trouble;
(2) personal business (e.g. cleaning house, shopping, babysitting, errands, hair appointment, work in the private sector).
To receive any attendance credit, including credit toward perfect attendance, a student must be present for the majority of the school day in accordance with State Attendance Accounting policies.
Reasons for absences or tardiness and requests for early dismissals before the close of school must be requested by the custodial parent or guardian or those authorized by the parent/guardian to request release. Students participating in school-sponsored activities whether on or off campus shall not be counted absent.
All missed class work or tests may be made up. A reasonable effort must be made, and ample opportunities must be provided by school personnel. Grades may reflect less than full credit. (Exceptions include pre-announced tests and term assignments that will be due upon return.) School work and tests missed for suspensions may be required to be made up.
Students may be denied the privilege of making up work missed as a result of an unexcused absence or suspension. All schools will review students’ attendance and refer students to the Student Services Supervisor.
An accumulation of 8 unexcused tardies/early dismissals will equal 1 unexcused day, which will contribute to the number of unexcused days (10) necessary to file truancy with juvenile court.
Absences Student attendance is especially important. Attendance is mandatory in the state of Tennessee until the age of 18.  Attendance issues at GHS are handled by the Attendance Office, located at the entry of the 300 hall.
A student absent the previous day must present a note from the parent/guardian to the attendance office before the school day begins.  An admission slip to class will be issued and must be signed by all the student’s classroom teachers. 
Vacation/Non-School Related Field Trips Students must submit parent note three days prior to absences for vacation or any non-related school field trip(s).  This note must be signed by an administrator and given to the attendance office three days prior to absence(s).   Parents and other organizations are encouraged to observe the approved school calendar in planning personal trips.
Absences during Exams Board policy states all students must take exams DURING assigned exam time.  No excused absences will be permitted without prior written administrator approval.   Makeup times for exams will be arranged with teacher and student at the beginning of the grading period.  GHS strongly encourages parents to avoid early dismissal on exam days. 
Tardies Students who accumulate five tardies through tardy sweep will also be subject to being assigned In School Suspension. Lunch detention will be assigned for each tardy beyond 5. If attendance does not improve, students will be subject to after school detention, loss of driving privileges, lunch detention and suspension to after school activities including sports.
Students who have not entered their 1st block class before 8:00 AM must sign in at the front lobby during tardy sweep for attendance purposes.  These students are required to complete a writing assignment before receiving permission to go to their 1st block class.
Students who do not enter their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th block classroom before the tardy bell sounds will be required to report to a designated room and receive a slip to return to class.
Consequences of Tardiness:
5 Tardies/semester- 1 day of ISS
10 Tardies/semester- 5 days of lunch detention
15 Tardies/semester- After-school detention
20 Tardies/semester- Loss of driving privileges and/or attendance to extracurricular activities and/or privileges designated by administration
Early Dismissals Students leaving early must provide a note from home to the attendance office by 7:55 AM. A student should report to the nurse if he/she becomes ill during the school day. The nurse will then determine if the student is too ill to remain at school.  A parent/guardian will be notified by nurse if early dismissal is required.  A parent will then be expected to come to the attendance office to sign the student out, or the parent/guardian must speak with an administrator or the school nurse by phone to authorize the student to leave.  Students leaving without the approval or knowledge of the school are subject to suspension.  Students are required to use school phones with school personnel to contact parents due to illnesses.   If a school phone is not used, violation of cell phone policy will apply.  Students with unexcused early dismissals are subject to ISS. Parents are strongly encouraged to check out students from school only between classes so as not to disrupt the learning environment for the child as well as others.  GHS strongly encourages avoiding early dismissals during exams.
Accumulation of eight unexcused tardies (those beginning of school day) and/or dismissals will result in one day unexcused absence.
Student Driver’s License (T.C.A. 49 - 6 - 3017)
Notice will be sent to the Department of Safety on the proper form of any student who fails to meet the attendance and academic qualifications for a driver’s license.
Attendance: A student must not accumulate 10 consecutive days absence or 15 cumulative unexcused absences per semester.  For the purpose of this law, suspensions shall not be counted as unexcused absences.
A copy of the notice will be sent to the Office of Student Services when action is taken and at the close of school for students who will be ineligible through the summer.
To regain eligibility, a student must:
1) Attend school 30 days without an unexcused absence
2) Meet academic standards by earning 2 credits at the end of a semester or its equivalent (passing 4 subjects at the end of a 9-week grading period).
Summer school credits may be used to meet academic requirements but cannot be used to meet attendance requirements.
When it has been determined that a student has regained eligibility, the school shall notify the Department of Safety on the appropriate form.
On second or subsequent violations of eligibility, the suspension of privileges may, at the discretion of the State of Tennessee, be removed until age 18.