Syllabus 2019-2020

Choir & Piano Expectations and Information



Welcome to the Greenbrier High School Choral and Piano Department.  My name is Shelley Harris and I am looking forward to the new school year with great expectations.  If you need to contact me during the school year you can leave me a phone message in the office at 615-643-4526 or email me at  As in years past, I have boiled down our class rules into three:  Be Respectful, Be Courageous, Be a Family!  However, in this document, some specific examples of these rules will be noted for clarity.


Grading Policy


Choir students will be graded in four areas during each quarter: Daily vocal techniques, Daily choreography, written work/skills tests, and participation in performances including concerts, festivals, and adjudications, both inside and outside of the school day.  Each day is worth 100 and performances are worth 250. Piano students will do daily theory and daily performance both worth 100 points each.  Exams are 20% of their grade.

To receive full points each day:

  • Attend Class.  Only excused absences can be made up. Students’ occasionally missing class because of school responsibilities (assemblies, field trips, etc) may not lose points if prior notice is given.
  • Be on time!
  • Abide by all school rules concerning student conduct, electronics, and dress code.
  • Stay focused and attentive.  Participate appropriately in discussions.  Be nice to everyone!
  • No gum, or unauthorized food or drinks in the choir room.  Water bottles are allowed.
  • Be proactive and responsible for your own learning.  Ask questions when you need help or clarification.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude, an eagerness to learn and try new skills.
  • Model good posture while singing/playing both standing or seated.
  • Be prepared by always having your music folder and pencil in class Mark your music ONLY in pencil.
  • Monitor your own behavior. Be ready and willing to follow directions without having to be asked twice. 


Final grade for the quarter will result from the percentage of points earned in all areas: attendance, participation, concerts, written/skill tests.  Make up work is available. Any student not receiving a passing grade in another academic subject will NOT be allowed to participate in performances.




Participation in these concerts needs to be of highest priority.  They serve as the practical application portion for each grading period and are worth 250 points of the quarter grade.  Please make every effort to clear work schedules well in advance.  Only in extreme emergencies, with prior notifications by parents can any performance points be made up if the concert is missed.  Concert dates are to come and will be posted on the calendar page of this website.  All Concerts begin at 6:30 with students reporting up to an hour prior to that. Concerts are held at GHS in the theater.  Piano will have a recital after the first nine weeks of playing After 18 weeks you will have a concert along with the vocal program This recital and concert are for your family, friends, teachers, administrators, and staff. 



Concert Attire


Show choir attire will be decided once the repertiore has been selected.  Piano students will wear black dresses or dress pants, panty hose, and black shoes.  Boys can wear a white shirt with a black.  If you do not have the correct attire you will not perform.

  • 126 Cuniff St, Greenbrier, TN 37073
  • 615 643 4526
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