Algebra 2

Hanging Ellipsoidal Sculpture  made with bead chains Music City Center Nashville TennesseeWelcome to Algebra 2!

My goal is for you to have an exciting and successful year, having more fun than you ever thought possible in a math class.  
Our objectives are 3-fold:

1. To master the subject and move forward successfully to your high school mathematics courses, ultimately to graduation and the training requirements needed for 
your vocational goals.

2. To learn how to think critically and solve problems straightforwardly and creatively.

3. To appreciate the value and beauty that is mathematics as it describes, models and contributes to our world, naturally & man-made.

To make our goal a reality, you need to understand that everything we do falls into some form of the following areas which continue throughout your life and careers.
1) Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning  
2) Quantitative Reasoning &
3) Statistical Reasoning.

The better you train yourself and enhance what you do naturally, the more possibilities may open to you. 

Get ready!  With good work habits, effort and attitude, 
you will be amazed!

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